Investment Criteria:

  • Company Size: $0.1 - $10 million EBITDA (Smaller for Add-ons)
    • Total acquired EBITDA per platform: $10 - $40 million
  • Investment Size: $20 - $70 million of Equity
  • Geographic Focus: USA or Canada headquartered
  • Soundcore invests in companies with the following characteristics:
    • Strong, sustainable competitive advantages
    • Clear opportunities for additional value-creation
    • History of profitable growth and defined growth strategy
    • History of strong cash generation
    • Experienced management to remain with the business
    • Low risk of technological obsolescence

Investment Structure:

  • Control equity investments and leveraged buyouts
  • Common Stock, pari passu with Management

Transaction Types:

  • Ownership transition for closely-held or family owned businesses
  • Management buyouts
  • Corporate carve-outs / divestitures

Target Sectors:

  • We are actively building our portfolio across a wide variety of industries and are focused on the following sectors:
    • Business Services
    • Specialty Distribution
    • Valued-added Manufacturing